How to Revert to Old Facebook Profile ? Review and Tips

Timeline feature introduced in Facebook was welcomed by some of the users, while I personally felt little annoying. Earlier when we had the old facebook profile layout, we could see basic things like Work and Education, Philosophy, Sports, Activities and Interests, Arts and Entertainment in horizontal tab rows one after another.

But in the new Timeline feature your history shows all your photos, shared links, likes, friends and what not. Well, I feel that when you look at a person’s profile layout, I don’t what to see all the social networking things he done through his social networking career on facebook.

I’d prefer to see basic things like where he went to college, his birthday, his interests, hobbies etc. But the new timeline totally ruined the simplicity.

But on the other side, the Timeline advantage is it’s drop-down menu. You can see a list of features like About, Friends, Photos, Likes, Subscribers, Subscriptions etc piece-wise. This is useful. But see the whole history at a time is too mouthful. So I wanted a way to revert back to old facebook profile layout.

Facebook users who’ve not updated to the new Timeline feature are in good luck, as still their old facebook profile is visible to the visitors of their profile, just like some of my friends. But what about fellows, who’ve updated to the new Facebook profile or Timeline?

Truly speaking, there is no permanent way of reverting back to the old Facebook profile layout. The only way is to install an extension or add-on through which you can hide or disable the timeline feature, temporarily.

How to go back to Old Facebook Profile ?

If you’re using Internet Explorer, you can degrade to old facebook profile layout by using an older version like IE 7 or IE6. This is because the new timeline are not well optimized for the older versions of Internet Explorer.

If you’re on Firefox or Chrome, there is much simple way to do this.

Visit, and select the browser you’re using. This will install the perfect addon or extension for your browser. Refresh your Facebook profile and you’ll be revert to old Facebook profile. You can view your friend’s profiles also in old layout style and this works out only on your computer. But your friends will still be able to see the Timeline feature just as earlier. The only way to disable the Timeline is to ask your friends to install this addon or extension on their browser or computer.

New Timeline Profile   "Old Facebook Profile"

In the above 2 screenshot you can see the difference between the old facebook profile and the new Timeline feature. This hack brings the old Facebook memoirs back e.g the row of tagged photos, simple profile view and quick access to bookmarks on the left.

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