Quick Magento Installation

In this guide we will go over the quick installation of Magento, If you choose to use one of the sites we have reviewed then these features will be available to you. This example was performed on Hostgator. And if you are looking for a different way to install magento then please see here

  • Quick installation
  • Manual installation

1)Simple Script Installation

In order to get started you need to log in to your hosting, this is usually done via cPanel.


Under the Software section you will find different icons to pick from, the one you are looking for is the “simple scripts” icon.

You will be presented with a multiple of options once inside, all you need to do is scroll down and click on the “magento” icon. These are usually updated very quickly within the panel from time to time as new updates are released.


 2) Starting The Installation Wizard

Once clicking the icon you will need to accept the license agreement and click next, it will then run you through installing magento very quickly, you don’t need to manually create a MySql database as this does it all for you.


That’s It!

follow the quick wizard and you will be up and running in no time!

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