Taking Physical Inventory With OpenBravo

When taking inventory we need to recognize the transactions that adjust inventory numbers. Here are those transactions:

When a Goods Shipment is processed as Complete;
When a POS Order is marked as Booked;
When a Warehouse Order is marked as Booked;
When a Goods Receipt is marked as Complete.

The aforementioned transactions will either add to inventory or deduct from inventory. None of these transactions should be allowed during the counting of inventory. Additionally, all of these transactions should be physically fulfilled prior to counting the inventory.

After inventory is taken, all aforementioned transactions that were not fulfilled should be archived and forgotten. If a transaction still needs to be filled, then it needs to be created again in order for inventory to be properly managed.

Precounting Backstock – Phase 1

The bulk inventory within the warehouse shall be counted throughout the week by a small team. Each bin should be counted, sealed and tagged with an inventory document.

During this phase the inventory team will identify items which are out of place. These items should be relocated to the pick line or to the uncounted warehouse inventory. If a bin is ever opened, it will need to be recounted.

Sealed Bins from the bulk inventory may still be accessed throughout the week to fill orders as necessary.

A location accurate SKU list, shall be created for every aisle in the warehouse. This will allow the counting personnel to count and record numbers as quickly as possible with the highest degree of accuracy.

Day of Inventory – Phase 2

Order fulfillment may continue throughout the day as normal. The goal for this work day will be the closing of every transaction by close of business. To avoid overtime pay you may decide to take inventory on a slower work day and close around noon of that day. When the regular work day has completed, inventory shall become a company wide effort.

All inventory shall be identified and sorted back into the warehouse. All open containers need to be counted by various teams assigned to sections throughout the warehouse. An additional team will be assigned to record the inventory count on the sealed containers.

An Inventory Table shall be setup with one computer station for every fifty employees involved in the inventory. Two man teams are issued a SKU List to count. As a team completes a SKU List they will return it to the Inventory Table to receive another SKU List. Every SKU List shall be counted by two separate teams.

If the numbers between the two counts differ, a special counting team shall count the skeptical numbers. If the counted numbers differ from expected inventory numbers then those SKUs shall be counted again.

When the final numbers have been realized, those shall be entered into OpenBravo, before any transactions are opened.

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