Best WordPress Theme – Thesis or Arthemia Premium ?

There are many WordPress themes which are available on the internet and it becomes little difficult to choose which is the best. There are some free themes and some premium/paid themes. Though the default WordPress theme ( that comes with the installation is good to use, from a SEO perspective it’d be nice to go for a premium/paid WordPress theme.

I recently purchased 3 WordPress themes (actually frameworks to say) and will let you know my experience. The three WordPress frameworks I purchased are:

  • Thesis Framework
  • Genesis Framework
  • Colorlabs Framework (Arthemia Premium theme)

With each Framework, there comes a free premium theme also. In this post I’d  like to compare Thesis and Colorlabs frameworks.


When coming to price, Arthemia Premium is the clear winner.

The price of Thesis for a single site use is $87 while Colorlabs is just $49. The price for a developer option for Thesis is $164 while for Colorlabs is just $99. You can easily see the price difference between the two.


The support provided by Thesis and ColorLabs are both different.

In Thesis, the support is provided in forums, community and in the form of documentation. But ColorLabs, doesn’t have a forum for support but provides support on a ticket basis. ColorLabs provides installation service which is not seen in Thesis and also supports on a ticket to ticket basis. The documentation provided by Thesis is far better than ColorLabs. But the answers I received in support forums of Thesis are not up to the mark and you need patience for your solutions to your problems. Well, in ColorLabs, if you provide your WordPress website credentials, the support team does everything you mention in the ticket.

Admin Panel

In this case, Arthemia Premium is more cool and easier.

Just like any other premium/paid themes, both the frameworks provide an Admin panel.



Out of the two premium wordpress theme admin panels, I found Arthemia Premium version is more intuitive, simple and easy. To understand Thesis Admin panel, you need to know a bit about SEO and read their documentation before you make any changes. But, Arthemia Premium can be understood by the look at their options itself. Also, Arthemia provides drag and drop support for their options which is not there in Thesis. Also, the list of options in Thesis is very big and it’s time consuming to open each option and make changes.

Custom WordPress Editor Support

Here, Arthemia is a big winner.

The only customization support Thesis provides is in the form of style boxes for paragraphs and some CSS buttons recently. But in Arthemia, you can find plethora of options with just click of a button.



Here, you find different options like Button, Icon Link, Info  box, Column Layout, Tab Layout, List Generator, Social Buttons etc to include in your WordPress content editor. You can customize your content with decorations as you like, which is not so easy in Thesis.









Here also the clear winner is Arthemia.

In order to get “thumbnails” for the excerpts of my posts, I had to rely on third-party plugins in Thesis. TimThumb script (for producing thumbnails) didn’t work in Thesis. The support provided in Thesis also guided me to buy me a third-party plugin called “Thumbnail Catcher Pro” by Sergin in order to accomplish my problem. Even after installing the plugin I had to discuss with the plugin owner, to make my task done. But in Arthemia, TimThumb is rightly working and worked like a charm without any dodges.


I’m not sure about this.

Thesis boasts around on the internet that their’s is the best seo wordpress theme with comparison to search engine results. Apart from the option for faster loading, I didn’t find anything special with their options. Both Thesis and Arthemia, provide default SEO panel and options like SEO Title, SEO description, meta keywords etc.

 Wordpress Plugins

Here also Arthemia is the clear winner.

After installing Arthemia, I didn’t worry of any other plugins to install. I just installed “Wibiya” toolbar  and other promiscuous plugins to my taste. But in Thesis, I had to worry about some more plugins to fulfill my ambitions of theme pleasancy.

Thesis provides other options like how much width your content panel and sidebar can be, canonical URLs, Windows Live Writer support etc which are not much difficult to achieve in Arthemia. Also, the file system in Thesis is different, where you have to use hooks and filters. Also, for any modifications you’ve to depend on custom_functions.php and custom.css. But Thesis is more advanced when coming to customization and for developers.

In the end, if you want a simple, intuitive wordpress theme, I’d recommend Arthemia Premium.

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